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Our Service

With experiences in varies fields, we are the solution to all your tech problems. Either home or small business networking, software development, computer repair, data back-up, cloud management and data recovery... whatever your tech issue is, we've got you covered.

​We know how intimidating your computer can be, so let us help. Why spend your day trying to solve your tech problems when CALL THE IT GUYS can get you online in no time? Call the THE IT GUYS!  Let us do the work so you can kick back and relax.

Here is the list of our services.

Cloud Computing

Make use of cloud computing to replace expensive and high cost infrastructure. We are experience in Microsoft Azure and VMware techologies

Software Development

With great experienced in software development, our team delivers better quality, reliability custom-built apps. Also, we assist customer to integral and implement new IT system into their organisation

Big Data

Build and deploy big data applications and advanced analytics such as Tableau to improve business results by asking the right questions to identify the right business case and data sources.

Website design

Nowadays people search from Google for everything.  To help our client market their business and get more attention from the public became very important. We design website for small to medium business to fit their needs with affordable prices.

Expansion Facilitation Services

Our company is actively seeking a service provider to facilitate our client's expansion into Australia and New Zealand from China and Southeast Asian countries. This partnership aims to establish a robust operational presence in Australia, leveraging our expertise and market insights to navigate the region's business landscape effectively. We are committed to providing comprehensive support to our client throughout their expansion journey, ensuring seamless integration into the Australian and New Zealand markets and fostering sustainable growth opportunities.

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