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Call The IT Guys

The IT Guys was established in 2004 and has became "Call The IT Guys" in Dec 2017. We services small to medium size business, hospital site and individual professionals. Over the last few years the business has steadily grown and continues to refine its focus. 

We are grateful of the business opportunity and support from our existing clients.  For the last few years, Call The IT Guys has been involved and helped our clients for the following works:


*           Developed click-and-go Reporting System using Excel and Access to capture organization business operations.
*           Extracted data from Database server and presented into Microsoft Access in a useful forms for corporate use. 
*           Developed Enterprise System using VB and Sybase (similar product to SQL Server, MySQL)
*           Developed alert system to monitor B2B scheduled tasks for business users. 
*           Liaison between business and IT for the System Functional Requirement and Application Detailed Design.
*           Have great experience about small business system

*           Patient Operation app, Order, Invoice and inventory Database system.

*           Online Survey, Matrix Metalloproteinases, Customer Satisfactory form..etc

*           Aggregate patient operation big data perfectly for visualization in Tableau. 

*           Website design

*           Seeking service provider to help clients from Asia expand into Australia & New Zealand, facilitating smooth operations and market entry.

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