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KITA Performing Arts Company

I am happy with the new website so far which they are building for my company now.  They are very organised and always follow the schedule, which just launched on 1 January 2018.  (Sabrina Chou)

Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeon

The team has been helping me for my cardiac and thoracic operation application. They involved migrating the old MS Access database to .NET application with many new functionalities. It has been 8 years since they started with us and still continue to support and helping to add new enhancements. I am grateful to have them involved with this IT development project. (Adrian P)


Perfect Blinds

The IT Guys has been servicing our company for the last 10 years. From exchange server migration, Blinds order system development, Helpdesk support to the recent online application integration with office app, they are always professional and helpful. No matter how big or small the problem is, they always have a solution for us. We are happy and will continue to have them as our IT service provider. (Darrin T)


Properties Owner

I am very impressed with their customer-focused support service when I first met them many years ago.  They developed the Rental property database system which specially tailored for my business purpose.  I like the short term development work and long term support approaches. (Rob Allen)


Zen Home Loans 2.jpg
Zen Home Loans

Joan [from calltheitguys] has been extremely helpful with ideas and made time to talk through website ideas and marketing strategies. My website is well structured and takes into account my needs for certain functionalities, e.g. loan calculator and feedback form. I also really like the colour scheme that blends in with my logo, it really works! (Mai Chaing)

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